Harriet Brown

Harriet Brown
Harriet Brown

E-mail: harrietbrown@15oldsquare.co.uk
Called 2005 (England and Wales) 2007 (Jersey)
Harriet is recommended as a leading junior tax barrister in the 2017 edition of the Legal 500 (Private client: personal tax) "Highly knowledgeable on complex areas of tax law.".

Harriet is author of The Jersey Law of Trusts and a co-author of The Interaction of EU Treaty Freedoms and the UK Tax Code.

Harriet is qualified to practice in England and Wales and Jersey. She appears in courts and tax tribunals regularly. She advises in relation to direct and indirect taxes, frequently in the context of individuals and trusts. Additionally, she has particular expertise in international matters such as double tax treaties, TIEAs, FATCA/CRS disclosure facilities and conflict of laws issues arising in a tax context.

Harriet is also experienced in resolving disputes with HMRC. Her approach is always to give detailed and practical advice from the initial enquiry through to any tribunal hearing, which often results in a favourable conclusion at an early stage and always aims to achieve a quick and cost-effective solution.

Harriet's Jersey practice primarily involves advising on Jersey trusts and tax in Jersey. She has particular expertise in relation to trust remedies in Jersey (including the statutory mistake and “Hastings-Bass” regimes) and Jersey income tax.

Harriet is licensed to accept instructions under the Public Access Scheme.

Privacy Notice of Harriet Brown

Recent Matters

Typical matters on which Harriet has been asked to advise include the following:
  • HMRC enquiries involving domicile, the transfer of assets abroad, HMRC’s powers of recovery outside the UK, employment taxes and taxation of charities
  • Employee taxation including the scope of the benefits code, the disguised remuneration legislation (Part 7A ITEPA 2003) and the Rangers case.
  • Pensions taxation, including taxation of international pensions (QROPS) and all elements of UK-based pensions taxation (FA 2004, Part 4).
  • Non-resident trusts
  • Residence, domicile and the taxation of foreign domiciliaries
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Taxation of charities and gifts to charities
  • FATCA and CRS


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R (oao Hely Hutchinson) v HMRC [2015] EWHC 3261 (Admin) (Successful application for leave to judicially review HMRC's refusal to apply guidance issued in 2003 in relation to Mansworth v Jelley claims) 
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Dong v National Crime Agency [2014] UKFTT 369 (TC), [2014] SWTI 2092 (Application for postponement of tax)
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In the matter of the representation of Andsberg Limited [2007] JRC 179, [2007] JLR Note 53(Subscription Required) (scheme of arrangement in relation to multi-million pound mineral company)


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Jersey Law of Trusts (Key Haven Publications 2013)
The Interaction of the EU Treaty and UK Tax Code (with Rory Mullan) (Key Haven Publications 2013)
Current contributing author to Tolley's Property Taxation, Bloomberg Indirect Tax Navigator, CCH's Tax Planning and the Tilley & Collison UK Tax Guide
Former co-author of the Taxation of Charities (7th Edition, Key Haven Publications 2011)


Harriet lectures extensively on tax matters and Jersey law. Recent lectures have included the following topics:
  • FATCA/CRS and tax information exchange agreements
  • Residence under the statutory residence test and domicile
  • Double tax treaties
  • Tax planning for non-UK resident and domiciled individuals
  • The residence nil rate band
  • Capital gains tax including case law and ATED related gains
  • Employment taxation
  • The administration and application of the GAAR, and the HMRC GAAR guidance
  • Tax avoidance, acceptable tax planning, capital gains tax targeted avoidance provisions and the general anti-abuse provision
  • Inheritance tax planning, including the relevant property regime, and the use of APR and BPR