Revenue Bar

As barristers practising at the Revenue Bar we have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of tax issues. We provide expertise in a range of services which extends far beyond the traditionally perceived role of the barrister as an advocate.

We are in a position to provide advice and expertise in each of the following ways:


We give independent advice by written opinion, conference or telephone conference.

Two areas where we are often asked to advise are (i) tax planning, where we aim to be innovative while avoiding expensive and time-consuming disputes with the HMRC; and (ii) handling contested disputes with HMRC, where we strive to achieve an acceptable result short of litigation.


We draft key documents for a wide range of transactions. These include, contracts and trust documentation and wills.

Our expertise can be invaluable particularly in ensuring that transactions with no tax objective do not have disadvantageous and unintended tax consequences.

We also draft correspondence on behalf of clients to enable them to set out their position in the manner best suited to achieving a speedy and satisfactory resolution. Professional rules prevent us from entering into direct correspondence on our clients` behalf.

Tax Litigation

Members of chambers act as advocates before all courts and tribunals.

Our expertise can be invaluable in dealing with arguments in an increasingly complex area of law where courts and tribunals are often hostile to the taxpayer. By ensuring that the facts features and legal complexities of your case are fully and persuasively presented, we can help you achieve a successful result.

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