Taxation of Directors and Employees in the Disguised Remuneration Era

Robert Venables QC, Rory Mullan, Setu Kamal and Harriet Brown, all of Tax Chambers, will be speaking at a conference on Taxation of Directors and Employees in the Disguised Remuneration Era. The conference is to be held at The Law Society’s Hall, 113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL on Thursday 1st December 2011 from 2:00pm to 5.30pm and is hosted by Key Haven Publicaitons Ltd. The timetable for the conference is: 14.00 Chairman’s Introduction 14.05 Disguised Remuneration – the New Rules in Outline – Harriet Brown Background to the legislation – Key provisions – Charging provisions – Introduction to the National Insurance Regulations 14.40 Cross-Border Taxation under the New Residence and Domicile Rules – Robert Venables Q.C. and Setu Kamal The Proposed New Residence Rules – Foreign Domiciliaries – Taxation of Non-UK Domiciled and / or Non-UK Resident Workers Post Finance Act 2011 – How the Disguised Remuneration Rules affect non-UK domiciliaries or non-UK residents – Use of Double Taxation Conventions Post Finance Act 2011 15.20 Maximising Entrepreneur Relief – Rory Mullan Scope of the relief – sole proprietors, partnerships, trustees and companies – Who qualifies and when? – When does share capital qualify – what are the conditions and issues to look out for? – The £10 million limit – what can be done for bigger gains – using others’ allowances – The distinction between assets and businesses – when can the relief be obtained for assets? 16.00 Discussion Session with Tea 16.15 Disguised Remuneration II – Robert Venables Q.C. What is possible post FA 2011? – Traps and Opportunities – Circumventing Schedule 2 17.00 Panel Session and Questions to Speakers 17.30 Close of seminar There is an arly booking discount for bookings received with payment by November 5th 2011: £450 + VAT (£90) Thereafter £500 + VAT (£100) The conference can be booked via this link or by e-mailing Key Haven Publications at]]>

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