Highlights of the Finance Bill 2012

Christopher Sokol QC, Patrick Cannon and Harriet Brown will each be speaking at a conference hosted by Tax Chambers, 15 Old Square on Tuesday 22nd May 2012 covering items of particular interest in this year’s Finance Bill. Unfortunately there are no longer any available places at this seminar. Anyone who is interested in attending future seminars hosted by Tax Chambers, 15 Old Square should e-mail seminars@15oldsquare.co.uk Items for discussions include: New rates and allowances, including the new top rate of SDLT for residential property and the penal 15% charge on placing property in corporate vehicles; amendments and additions to investment reliefs; the changes to the remittance base charge; the CFC charge; the repeal of old reliefs and the creation of new reliefs; inheritance tax on excluded property trusts and gifts to charity; SDLT changes and developments; the new tax on high-value residential properties; changes to the DOTAS regime; tax agents and dishonest conduct. Christopher, Patrick and Harriet will be delighted to answer any questions which you may have concerning the seminar at drinks which will be hosted immediately after the talks.]]>

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