Notes Available – Free Seminar – Current issues in offshore tax matters – 3 May 2018

Old Square Tax Chambers afternoon seminar on 3 May 2018 where James Kessler QC, Rory Mullan and Ross Birkbeck spoke on Current issues in offshore tax matters. The seminar timetable can be seen below: 4.15 – 4.50       Rory Mullan spoke on The Requirement to Correct Rulesscope of the obligation and when it arises – consequences of non-compliance – dealing with uncertainty – relying on professional advice to avoid penalties. 4.50 – 5.25       Ross Birkbeck spoke on Domicile of Choice Enquiries – Dealing with enquiries on domicile of choice – enquiry procedure and evidence – responding to requests – Schedule 36 defences – Applications for final and partial closure notices  5.25 – 6.00       James Kessler QC spoke on F(no.2)A: Professional Bodies Q&As and will address The F(nol.2)A 2017 made important changes to the taxation of foreign domiciliaries.  This lecture will consider the questions and draft answers published by the professional bodies on 27 March: – Q&As Trust protections – Q&As Mixed fund cleansing – Q&As Rebasing and the adjustments to the CGT foreign capital losses election – TAX GUIDE 05/18 CLEANSING OF MIXED FUNDS – PROFESSIONAL BODIES Q&AS  ]]>

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