Foreign Domiciliaries: The New Regime ~ Key Haven Seminar


Including Pre-April 6th Preemptive Action and New Charges on UK Domiciliaries

An Extended Four-Hour Double-Silk Seminar at The Law Society’s Hall, London WC2A

Wednesday February 1st 2017 13.30 – 17.30

Delegate Fees

£500 + VAT (£100) = £600

Early booking fee for bookings received before January 12th

£450 + value added tax (£90) = £540

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On December 5th the draft clause Finance Bill 2017 on the new foreign domiciliaries regime were published.

They contain many surprises and affect even those who are not foreign domiciliaries e.g. beneficiaries of offshore trusts.

Much can be done by way of preemptive action – before April 6th 2017.

Even after April 5th 2017, some planning routes will be still be open.


A panel of barristers from Old Square Tax Chambers, 15 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn WC2A 3UE, telephone 020 7242 2744

will discuss the proposed new regime.


Speakers Robert Venables Q.C. (Chairman) Amanda Hardy Q.C. Setu Kamal Harriet Brown Mary Ashley   TIMETABLE 13.00 Delegate Registration with Refreshments 13.30 Chairman’s Introduction 13.35 The New Deemed Domicile Rules – Setu Kamal Long-term Residents – Residents with United Kingdom domicile of Origin – Interaction with Residence Rules – Excluded Property Settlements – Protected Settlements 14.05 Offshore Trusts and Offshore Companies: Capital Gains Tax – Robert Venables Q.C. New Rules for Offshore Trusts, their Settlors and Beneficiaries – Existing Trusts v New Trusts – Compatibility of new rules with EU Law – Planning. Shareholders etc in Offshore Companies – Compatibility of new rules with EU Law – Planning. 14.35 Indirectly Held United Kingdom Residences: inheritance tax – Amanda Hardy Q.C. The New Rules – Properties Held in Companies, Trusts and Partnerships – Planning 15.10 United Kingdom Residences Already Held in Companies – Mary Ashley Post April 5th 2017 Advantages and Disadvantages of “Enveloped” Residences – Tax Consequences of De-enveloping – Planning 15.40 Discussion Session with Tea 16.55 Other Changes – Harriet Brown To include rebasing and “cleansing”. 16.25 Sophisticated Planning Pre and Post April 6th 2017 – Robert Venables Q.C. 17.00 Panel Session and Questions to Speakers 17.30 Close of Seminar For booking application and or further information contact or visit our website at 


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