Stamp Duty Land Tax

Old Square Tax Chambers offers a service that combines clear communication, discretion and effective solutions to all SDLT-related cases.

Old Square Tax Chambers can help in all SDLT related matters including:

Corporate acquisitions and restructuring

Our barristers advise on calculating and claiming Stamp Duty Land Tax relief, as well as dealing with HMRC clawbacks, investigations and litigation. Offering guidance on SDLT and commercial leases, VAT liability and ensuring that your business is up to date with any changes in Stamp Duty Land Tax legislation.

Residential property

There are a number of SDLT Reliefs for purchasers of residential properties, including First Time Buyer, Mixed-Use and Multiple Dwelling Relief. A tax barrister will help to guide you through the options, and provide support and representation to clients who have been mis-sold SDLT avoidance schemes, as well as reclaiming overpaid Stamp Duty.

Property development and refinancing

Our barristers provide advice and guidance on Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharges as well as potential exemptions and SDLT liability savings for property developers and landlords. We support you in filing and correspondence with HMRC for residential and non-residential property development.

Litigation/Tax Investigations

Any litigation and tax investigations need to be handled surefootedly and sensitively. Our tax barristers thrive on court representation, but we are focused above all on reaching a satisfactory settlement without resorting to the courts.

How the barristers at Tax Chambers can help:

Stamp Duty Land Tax is best handled by legal professionals with decades of experience in the field. The tax barristers at Old Square Tax Chambers will handle all aspects of your correspondence with HMRC, from responding to an investigation, to finding a settlement or representing you in court.

Old Square Tax Chambers are leading providers of Stamp Duty Land Tax services in London. Contact us here for all enquiries.

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